About Us

Child Victims of War exposes the impact of modern warfare on children. We campaign against militarism and military intervention, and for the rights of children, women and the environment. We support partner organisations, providing care, protection and education for children.

Our vision is a world in peace, where the wellbeing of  children is paramount

Our mission is to raise awareness of the plight of children in the wake of imperialism’s ‘humanitarian’ wars.

‘Humanitarian’ Interventions

When one examines the impact of Western interventions on the lives of ordinary people, and the lives of children in particular, it is soon obvious that there is very little that is ‘humanitarian’.  Economic sanctions and military blockades; the destruction of vital civilian infrastructure; the use of armed militias;  the long-term legacy of  weapons’ fallout; the dismantling of  public services in favour of the free market, and the seizing of natural resources by Western corporations result not in democracy and the furtherance of human rights, but  in violence, poverty, displacement and despair.

Outside intervention means that the voices of people within these countries are lost and the genuine grievances they may have with their governments  hijacked by external manipulation and the blocking of all non-violent protest and negotiation.

The exploitation of any ethnic, religious or political division creates cycles of violence and the break up of communities and families. The deliberate exclusion of particular groups from the democratic process leads inevitably to civil war.

It is not possible to protect children during armed conflict, especially  in modern urban warfare. Yet  Western governments  consistently push for military intervention and block the peace initiatives of other nations. These ‘humanitarian’ wars are then hyped up by the corporate media and sold to the Western public through its very ability to ‘care’.

Child Victims of War calls for political re-engagement based on non violence, the equitable sharing of resources, care of the earth and the care of all children.


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