Support for internally displaced families in Iraq

Child Victims of War has joined with iho-net (Japan), Islah Reparations Project (US)  and SAAE Organisation for Humanitarian Aid (Iraq) to provide food and baby milk to the Habbaniya camps.

There are 1 200 families camped by the lakeside and 75 families at a camp in the desert area of  Amiriya.

The families here are facing a huge crisis – lack of food, medicine and medical treatment. There are many children in these camps including 1500 infants requiring special milk. The need is ongoing so please continue to support us through our Total Giving page.






Thousands of families were displaced from Fallujah  and surrounding areas when ISIS was expelled from the city in June/July.  People escaped one nightmare only to plunge into another. They have been trying to survive in makeshift camps with little water, food or shade, with summer temperatures reaching 50c.  Provisions are still inadequate and winter is now approaching.

Lack of basic services such as water and electricity; unexploded ordnance; damaged buildings and infrastructure, and heavy government control make a return to Fallujah barely an option.

Fallujah hospitals have been severely damaged, with buildings and equipment destroyed, including paediatric wards and facilities. See photographs below.