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Stop Drone Warfare: Fly Kites not Drones

Child Victims of War is concerned about the effect drone warfare is having on children. Not only are children being killed and injured, but the long periods or surveillance together with the unpredictability of the missile strikes is creating psychological trauma, including anticipatory anxiety and post traumatic stress … read more

Toxic Warfare

Victim of toxic warfare

Please ask your MP to sign  Early Day Motion 59 You can write to them at They Work for You Recent wars have become increasingly toxic. Iraq has seen an extraordinary increase in cancers and birth deformities since the Gulf War of 1991, and this increase has spiked … read more

Displaced Iraqi Children

The war on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is being waged without sufficient humanitarian provision. Already millions of displaced do not have adequate shelter, food, water or healthcare. Increasing the numbers of displaced, while destroying yet more homes and infrastructure is only adding to the suffering … read more