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Recent wars have become increasingly toxic. Iraq has seen an extraordinary increase in cancers and birth deformities since the Gulf War of 1991, and this increase has spiked again since 2003.  After a great deal of public pressure  the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Iraqi Ministry of Health conducted a study to determine the prevalence of birth defects in Iraq. It was completed in early October 2012 but due to inherent flaws was never officially published or peer reviewed.

Studies conducted by independent scientists point to the use of uranium metal; the burning of US military waste in burn pits, and the high levels of lead and mercury as major factors in undermining public health.

The violence and displacement in Iraq is preventing children accessing even the basic healthcare. Those with complex health problems are receiving no treatment. Either they are displaced and enduring the harshest of living conditions or they are trapped in areas controlled by the Islamic State. Iraqi government forces have been continually targeting hospitals in this region, including Tikrit, Hawija, Fallujah, Garma, Mosul and Shirqat. Many of the doctors are also displaced and unable to help their patients.

Child Victims of War is raising money for individual displaced children suffering heart defects and other congenital anomalies resulting from the 2003 invasion  and occupation. Please join us by donating here.